"Paint what you are, paint what you believe

paint what you feel"   ~Ben Shahn


Art Journaling is a place for pure self expression and experimentation. Its where I practice completely letting go and allowing my intuition to guide the creative process. By approaching the art journal with an open heart and a sense of curiosity I gain valuable insights, healing, and emotional release. Art journaling allows me to find myself on the page and make sense of whats happening on my journey while celebrating and connecting to the rhythms and cycles of life itself.

It is truly a sacred practice, one that I am honored to share with you.

Thank you for coming to my scared place, I hope you enjoy a peek into my world!  


Roots & Wings 2016

Hope+Faith=LOVE 2017

Ebb & Flow 2017

Long Way Home 2017

Freebird 2017

Seeds of Change 2017


Walk Away 2017


Secret Symmetry 2017